BEAUTY Package

BEAUTY Package

It contains ICOONE treatments that slow down the aging process and help to maintain a youthful appearance, as well as treatments in a hyperbaric chamber that oxygenate our body cells and stimulate the production of stem cells.

The treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used in health and beauty care. Regularly undergoing sessions in the oxygen chamber significantly improves the condition of your skin, slows down the aging process of the entire body and inhibits the formation of wrinkles.

Hyperbaric therapy is used by many movie stars and sports to maintain a youthful appearance and maximum fitness. Treatments are pleasant, painless, relaxing and usually last from 60 to 90 minutes, during which you can use a smartphone, tablet or just take a nap. Oxygen therapy is an excellent care method, a great way to take care of health and beauty, and also a form of relaxation.

Oxygen therapy is highly effective, uses the beneficial properties of pure oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure, thanks to which oxygen reaches all body cells more easily, nourishing them and eliminating all toxins.

The cosmetic benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy include:

– reduction of skin inflammation

– acceleration of metabolic processes (-250 calories during one session)

-stimulation of the production of stem cells responsible for tissue reconstruction

-reduces stress and calms down

-increases collagen production

Oxygen therapy is recommended as a way to recover faster after aesthetic medicine treatments, plastic surgery or laser therapy.


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