BEAUTY Package

BEAUTY Package

Contains oxygen therapy oxygenating the body intracellularly in combination with ICOONE BODY MODELING

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used in health and beauty care. Regularly submitting to sessions in the oxygen chamber significantly slows the aging process of the whole body and inhibits the formation of visible signs of the passage of time. The hyperbaric chamber is a completely sealed room designed specifically for the needs of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy is highly effective, and as a therapeutic method it uses the beneficial properties of pure oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the oxygen chamber can be up to 3 times higher than atmospheric pressure, thanks to which oxygen reaches all body cells much easier.

When in a hyperbaric chamber, a very large amount of pure oxygen is supplied to the body. This valuable element dissolves in body fluids and goes to, among others, the tissues that make up the skin. As a result, hyperbaric therapy supports the natural increase in collagen production and accelerates skin renewal in all its layers. Treatments in the hyperbaric chamber increase the number of stem cells in the blood up to 8 times. Thanks to this, circulating blood nourishes tissues better, toxins are removed faster and aging processes are delayed. At the same time, well-being improves, the body has more energy, it is easier to maintain optimal body weight. Thus, the treatments have a positive effect on the fight against overweight and obesity. Oxygen significantly accelerates the body’s metabolic processes by increasing metabolism and regeneration. Oxygen therapy is recommended as a way to recover faster after aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery or laser therapy.

Hyperbaric therapy uses many movie stars and sports to maintain a youthful appearance and maximum fitness of the body. Treatments are pleasant, painless, relaxing and usually last from 60 to 90 minutes during which you can use a smartphone, tablet or just take a nap. Oxygen therapy is an excellent method of care, a great way to take care of health and beauty and also a form of relaxation.

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