zbliżenie komory hiperbarycznej

HBOT therapy and its effects

From the point of view of professional athletes and active people, there are many advantages to HBOT therapy. Belong to them:

  •     Improving the body’s efficiency
  •     Accelerated metabolism
  •     Accelerated regeneration after physical exertion
  •     The reduction of so-called soreness
  •     Better tissue oxygenation
  •     Increased stem cell production
  •     Eliminating inflammation and swelling
  •     Strengthening the immune system
  •     Improving osteogenic cell activity
  •     Blocking bacterial and fungal activity


 Acceleration of healing processesThe hyperbaric chamber, creating an environment of increased pressure in the player’s environment, causes a greater absorption of oxygen to the body, stimulates the bone marrow to produce stem cells, thanks to which they are in the bloodstream up to 8 times more than under normal conditions. Oxygen is supplied to even the remotest cells of the body. In addition, hyperbaria leads to strong detoxification, which is conducive, for example, during the period of quitting smoking, but also simply helps to cleanse the body of toxins absorbed from the environment and with food. As a result, it also provides effective protection against cancer.


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