HEALTH Package

HEALTH Package

includes a physiotherapeutic consultation with diagnostics determining the current state of health. Creating an individual plan for further prophylaxis by selecting the appropriate therapeutic methods and oxygen therapy package depending on the diagnosis

All of us breathe, it is natural, but not all of us do it well. Most of the diseases we deal with are caused by low oxygen levels in the body. One of the factors of low oxygen levels in the human body, which translates into its weakening, is abnormal and unconscious breathing, often caused by the fast pace of life or stress from work or family life. The solution to this problem may be hyperbaric oxygen therapy very quickly.

It is used in the treatment of many different diseases and alleviating the course of chronic diseases. Thanks to sessions in the oxygen chamber, the rehabilitation time is significantly shortened, and the patients recover much faster.

Staying in a hyperbaric chamber, apart from an increased dose of oxygen, also stimulates the production of additional stem cells, increases the ability of white blood cells responsible for immunity to destroy bacteria, and reduces existing inflammations. Thanks to the treatment, oxygen goes to areas in the human body where blood circulation is reduced or blocked, and to damaged tissues. This process allows new blood vessels to grow faster in problematic areas of the body, restoring the proper functioning of cells and organs. Thus, oxygen therapy supports the immune system, increasing its capabilities and preventing many diseases. It is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment. In cases such as gas embolism, decompression sickness or carbon monoxide poisoning, hyperbaric therapy is the most effective way to save a patient’s life.

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Sessions in a hyperbaric chamber are recommended as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of diseases such as: migraine, edema, depression, injuries, burns, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, autism, Lyme disease, allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, abscesses, necrosis, mycosis, chronic inflammation, diseases of the circulatory and vascular systems, rheumatism, difficult to heal wounds, sexual disorders, infertility, diabetes, anemia, infections, etc.

Hyperbaric therapy is the most effective and safe way to increase the oxygen level in the blood, and therefore in all organs of the body. Usually, a session in the chamber lasts 60-90 minutes. During the procedure, the patient lies down and breathes calmly in their normal rhythm. Oxygen therapy is a recommended method to improve the health of people of all ages.

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