człowiek na tle zachodzącego słońca

Oxygen and its impact on mental health

Every now and then new research comes out which confirms the advantages of oxygen therapy. In a nutshell, this is oxygen therapy given at a pressure far greater than atmospheric pressure.

A person who is generally healthy but will benefit from a series of treatments in a hyperbaric chamber may also notice changes. They will focus primarily on improving well-being.

The hyperbaric chamber has a very positive effect on people living in chronic stress, oxygenation of the body helps restore emotional balance. Calms, reduces shortness of breath and anxiety. It is often used as a supportive therapy for depression.

Fatigue, weakness, as well as the resulting problems with insomnia, dizziness and headaches that appear for no apparent reason can also result from exposure to stress or simply a fast pace of life. Oxygen therapy reduces such ailments, but also eliminates migraine headaches that can be associated with the emotional and physical sphere.


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