SPORT Package

Includes body oxygenation package with EMS muscle training

Oxygen therapy is available to all physically active people, practicing sport professionally or amateur. Treatments in the hyperbaric chamber accelerate the return to full performance after demanding and hard training, sports competitions, marathon run or football match. By increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood by up to 16 times compared to the resting position under normal conditions, the body is able to quickly regenerate and renew. Therapy in a hyperbaric chamber is therefore helpful in accelerating convalescence after injuries, sprains, and bruises. The oxygen therapy session effectively reduces inflammation, eliminates swelling, reduces bruising, removes soreness, regenerates capillary blood vessels and strengthens the immune system.

Systematic, regular use of oxygen therapy increases the body’s oxygen efficiency. Scientific research confirms the increase in the number of ATP molecules (so-called muscle fuel), thanks to which breaking new records and performing heavier workouts comes with greater ease.

WADA World Anti-Doping Agency since 2006 allows therapy in a hyperbaric chamber and defines it as a natural method of supporting the body for increased physical exertion. A study in Scotland involving footballers found that using hyperbaric oxygen therapy and physical therapy, the time needed to regain full physical fitness after heavy effort and strain on joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and related injuries was reduced by as much as 70%.

In the world of professional sport, many well-known and outstanding athletes from various disciplines regularly use oxygen therapy. This supportive therapy is used, among others, by Michael Phelps – an excellent swimmer, Cristiano Ronaldo – a great footballer, Novak Diokovic – a great tennis player, Daniel Cormier – an admirable MMA player. The effectiveness of hyperbaric therapy in sport is very well documented – teams from professional NBA, NHL, NFL leagues use hyperbaric chambers in the training process of their players.

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