What is a hyperbaric chamber?

The city of Krakow offers healing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The hyperbaric chamber successfully used in medicine was until recently only available to a few.

What about hyperbaric oxygen therapy in private? This is a chance to take advantage of the procedure, which significantly reduces recovery time and helps you recover quickly. The hyperbaric chamber is an absolutely tight room constructed exactly for the needs of hyperbaric therapy. This unique treatment method uses the beneficial properties of pure oxygen under increasing atmospheric intensity. The pressure in the hyperbaric chamber can be 3 times higher than the atmospheric pressure, which is the key to using oxygen therapy.


Hyperbaric therapy is helpful in the treatment of many different diseases, because it is one of the most effective methods of supplying oxygen to tissues. Oxygen therapy is excellent rehabilitation and regeneration for every cell of the patient’s body undergoing surgery. Normally, the supply of oxygen to the body depends on the proper blood supply to a specific area of the body. In the conditions prevailing in the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen acquires the unique property of penetrating into unleaded tissues of the body. An increase in oxygen levels is also found in the blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid. Thus, the treatment has a therapeutic effect in a local and general way. The patient in the hyperbaric chamber inhales pure oxygen in lying position. It happens that during therapy there is a slight discomfort similar to the feeling you experience when taking off or landing an airplane.

Hyperbaric chambers can be divided into single or multi-person. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy lasts about 60 minutes. Before undergoing therapy, it is required to undress to underwear, or remain in a swimsuit or in a T-shirt and shorts. Remove all sharp objects such as watch and jewelry. After entering the hyperbaric chamber, the pressure gradually increases until the required value is reached, and then the value remains constant.

In order to get the best results, the procedure should be performed regularly. The time and number of treatments and the amount of pressure are individually adjusted to the needs of a particular patient. Krakow is moving into the field of safe and non-invasive therapeutic procedures available to everyone. Although oxygen therapy is a pleasant and undemanding procedure, it is possible that delicate side effects of the procedure may occur, such as headaches or general fatigue caused by staying in the hyperbaric chamber for too long.

Hyperbaric chamber - Applications

The indications for therapy are various diseases that require improvement of physiological processes occurring in the human body. The treatment in the hyperbaric chamber effectively inhibits tissue aging processes and supports cell nutrition and regeneration. Oxygen therapy is recommended for people struggling with the problem of difficult to heal wounds, mycoses, diseases of the nervous system, autoimmune diseases, inflammations, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or atherosclerosis, anemia, diabetes, edema or chronic skin diseases. A visit to a hyperbaric chamber is recommended to reduce various chronic diseases such as infections, necrosis, pressure sores, abscesses, ulcers, radiation damage, transplants at risk of necrosis or venous insufficiency. This type of treatment is effective for people complaining of chronic fatigue, headaches, depression, potency disorders or fertility problems. Hyperbaric chamber therapy is also recommended for those struggling with overweight or obesity.

Hyperbaric chamber - contraindications

Treatments in the hyperbaric chamber also have several contraindications. These include the increased risk of haemorrhage, history of chest surgery, some lung diseases, optic neuritis, fever, inflammation of the ears and sinuses. Pregnant women and people with a pacemaker must not undergo procedures in a hyperbaric chamber.

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The price of a single treatment in an oxygen chamber is from 150 to 400 PLN on average.

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